Has your company taken the 1% pledge (a.k.a the 1-1-1 model)? No? Here’s what you need to know.

Companies who have taken the pledge and adopted the 1-1-1 model:

  • Pledge 1% of equity
  • Pledge 1% of employee time
  • Pledge 1% of product

The model was created in an effort to encourage companies to weave philanthropy into their culture from an early stage.

The below video featuring Co-founder and Co-CEO of Atlassian Software, Scott Farquhar, illustrates how the 1-1-1 model has impacted Atlassian.

Video highlights:

  • How one simple action allowed Atlassian to make a significant impact in the community
  • How pledging 1% has created an engaged workforce
  • Why Founders are slow in adopting the 1-1-1 model

Watch the full video below:


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