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Raphael House: A Brighter Future for At-Risk Families


Homelessness is an issue that reaches every corner of the world.

If you walk the streets of San Francisco, for example, it’s plainly obvious: there’s a major problem happening and it needs to be solved.

It’s a travesty the struggles that many people go through on a daily basis who find themselves in this position. And when kids are involved, it’s that much worse.

That’s why it’s refreshing to see organizations doing something to make an impact.

Raphael House is one of those organizations.

They’re a nonprofit that’s helps at-risk families achieve stable housing and financial independence while strengthening family bonds and personal dignity.

Seeing Raphael House’s dedication first hand

Last month, Startups Give Back had the privilege of gathering a group of volunteers — including folks from TUNE, Tradeshift, LinkedIn, and Flite — to help Raphael House’s team prepare for a festival they were putting on for families in their network.

Tim O’Neil, Global Head of Mobile Gaming at TUNE, who was in attendance put it perfectly:

“Homelessness is a world issue, and Raphael House is the oldest independently funded organization helping to solve these issues in San Francisco. This event opened up my eyes to some stats that are pretty alarming – there are over 8,000 homeless families in San Francisco alone. Raphael House is doing a phenomenal  job of providing support and resources for a large underserved part of the community, and it was an incredible experience I was proud to be part of.”

With 85% of all families achieving long-term housing and financial stability, Raphael House is a world-class nonprofit whose relentless dedication to supporting struggling families is a breath of fresh air.

By the way, here are a few photos from our volunteering event:

Startups Give Back Raphael House Event 1 Startups Give Back Raphael House Event 2 Startups Give Back Raphael House Event 3

See more photos here.

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