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San Francisco Food Bank Launches #HackHunger Challenge


1 in 4 people is at risk of hunger in San Francisco and Marin right now.

This is an alarming statistic the San Francisco Food Bank, with the help of volunteers, has been fighting to improve over the years.

In their continued effort, the Food Bank is launching the #HackHunger challenge, which is a call-to-action for the local tech community to rally together and help end hunger in San Francisco and Marin.

The goal for the challenge, which starts on November 7th and ends on November 18th, is to raise $500,000 dollars. These funds will help the Food Bank purchase a brand new delivery truck. And help gas-up and maintain their 18-truck fleet for an entire year. These vehicles are an essential part of the organization and enables them to deliver food to people in need.

The stark reality in the San Francisco Bay Area is the cost of living is skyrocketing. High rents are making it harder for people to make ends meet.

This challenge, with the participation of Bay Area companies, will go a long way towards alleviating a lot of the pain and uncertainty local residents feel.

#HackHunger challenge: getting started

Here’s how you and your company can get started:

  • Sign up at the #HackHunger website
  • Get your colleagues involved
  • Rack up points for every dollar raised, or every pound of food collected

The top three fundraising teams (top overall funds, top food raiser, and top per capita) will get their company names on one of the Food Bank’s trucks.

More importantly, the funds raised through this challenge will make a major dent in the hunger crisis.

We can end hunger if we work together.

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