Seattle. New York. Australia. Italy.

Startup hubs are emerging across the world at an unbelievable pace.

From day one, it has been a goal of Startups Give Back to mobilize these hubs turning them into a force for good.

Today, we take one giant step towards achieving that goal with the exciting launch of Startups Give Back Chicago.

The Chicago chapter is an opportunity for local startups to work together to make a difference in their community.

Spearheading the Chicago chapter is volunteer Chapter Leader, Jacques Achille. Jacques is the CEO and Founder of Norm, which is an online platform turning philanthropy into a social norm by making it more accessible for any individual or company to support the causes they love.

With so many exciting startups in the Chicago area — including Basecamp, GrubHub, and Uptake — I’m pumped to see this hub rally together and give back.

At the end of the day, we’re on a mission to make philanthropy a top priority for startups around the world. With each new chapter of Startups Give Back, we get closer to making this a reality.

Interested in organizing a chapter of Startups Give Back in your community? We’re currently accepting a limited amount of Chapter Leaders for the Startups Give Back Chapter Program.


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