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Startups Give Back Launches Changemaker Forum


Since launching Startups Give Back in 2014, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with several social entrepreneurs and nonprofit professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area and across the world.

Learning about their organizations and the hurdles they face when it comes to scaling impact has been illuminating.

The traditional themes you’d expect to talk about with a nonprofit popped up — difficulties getting funding and finding the talent needed to scale, for example. But one theme in particular was a frequent topic of discussion: attention.

The reality is, there are so many nonprofits that are doing remarkable work. But despite tackling hard problems and relentlessly trying to be make the world a better place, they don’t get the attention needed to impact donations, partnerships, and ultimately fuel growth.

That got me thinking: how can Startups Give Back help solve the attention problem?

Armed with the insights from numerous discussions I’ve had over the past 3 years, Startups Give Back has been working on something behind the scenes that I’m extremely excited about. In fact, it soft launched a couple of months ago. But now it’s time to pull back the curtains.

Today, I officially announce the launch of Changemaker Forum!

Problems worth solving

Changemaker Forum is a digital publication and annual conference built for social entrepreneurs. It’s an open forum where these changemakers can share the problems they believe are worth solving in the world, and the solutions their organizations are implementing to make an impact.

We’ve already published several amazing stories (with more to come) highlighting nonprofits and social enterprises tackling huge problems. From a company turning debit cards into reliable nonprofit funding, to a nonprofit eradicating the poverty problem in rural Honduras through youth education and empowerment.

The stories are powerful.

Changemaker Forum is about elevating the stories of nonprofits and helping them capture more attention. For these organizations, more attention means more impact.

What I’m most excited about is introducing you to amazing nonprofits and social enterprises you probably haven’t heard of. So, what are you waiting for? Check it out!

Founder of Startups Give Back and Changemaker Studios, a parent organization that builds and manages a portfolio of impact brands including Social Impact World. Board of Directors: Seahugger. Angel investor.

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