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Tech Skills for Good: Giving Back to San Francisco Senior Citizens


Last week, Startups Give Back teamed up with the Community Technology Network to host a volunteering event at Next Village in San Francisco.

Next Village is a nonprofit that helps senior citizens gain the confidence and practical means to live safely and comfortably in their homes and community as they age.

Startups Give Back volunteers had an opportunity to put their tech skills to good use. And did they ever.

Startups Give Back Tech Teach-In
Kiki Schirr, Founder of Valley Girl Magazine, masterfully using her Android knowledge to help setup a San Francisco resident’s phone.
Startups Give Back TUNE
Tim O’Neil, Global Head of Mobile Gaming at TUNE, swiftly migrating photos from a laptop to an iPad via Dropbox.

It’s easy to take technology for granted. For many people working and living in the San Francisco area, technology is in their DNA (I’m looking at you millennials). They grew up with it.

But that’s not the case for everyone.

What seems like a simple task on a phone or laptop for you, may look like learning a foreign language to someone else. But if you can teach that person how to use their device, even for basic tasks like looking up bus times, you can literally open a new world to them.

As one attending resident said, “You guys are building bridges for people like us!”

Every. Little. Thing. Counts.

Founder of Startups Give Back and Changemaker Studios, a parent organization that builds and manages a portfolio of impact brands including Social Impact World. Board of Directors: Seahugger. Angel investor.

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